What type of writer am I?

Writing has always been in my heart.

From a young age I was writing constantly in diaries, creating short stories, entering writing contests and also interviewing my family members to create newspaper reports. I loved putting pen to paper and it was whilst I was doing this that I found I was more honest with myself and I could be whoever I wanted to be….this especially was the case I reached my teenage years; you know the ones, the angsty-i-don’t-love-myself years.

I look back at those early entries in my diaries that I have kept, and read back over those short stories and I find the innocent workings of a young girl who was eager to be seen and desperate to understand the world around her. I wrote of love and anger, I wrote about death and what came after. I now realise that this was all a way for me to understand all of the things I had been ‘protected’ from as a child. Things such as death of a loved one, what happens when someone passes away, and how short life seemed. I went through a stage when I was 14/15 years old when I seriously could never see the point in anything. I was stood in my friends bedroom and I was thinking how I could be killed at any moment and suddenly I was aware of my own mortality. I was aware of how close death was and I got depressed by it. I spent days and weeks feeling like I was outside of my body. I was doing the motions and the movements but I couldn’t get past the realisation I had had about life and death. All of those thoughts and fears were written into my diary and I now look back and see how powerful the words were. Over time I came to accept that life was for living and I chose to pursue a career in journalism.

As most will know, my path took a different path for some time – I studied and completed a GNVQ Media course which ran over 2 years. And I came away more confident in where I wanted my career to head. I wanted to be a writer (I wanted to include photography as-well, possibly be a photo-journalist as photography is also a big love of mine) but I wanted to create pieces that people would love to read.

For the past 15 years I have worked in a job which has been far removed from the one I wanted. It paid the bills, it gave me a ton of transferable skills and it helped to grow me as a person. I recently had the opportunity to work a few days at the Express and Star and I really do think that my experience of working at the council helped to give me confidence in the work experience – I wasn’t nervous, I asked questions, I introduced myself with a good handshake and without being asked to, I answered the phone calls. I showed that I didn’t need babysitting, I showed that I wanted to learn but that I didn’t need someone to hold my hand the entire time. I came away with a few articles with my name to them which was amazing.

I digress a little – sorry – I have been writing almost continuously since I left college. Short stories, blog posts, reviews; you name it and I can show you my portfolio. I started this blog in 2017, after losing my baby. I have had possibly the worst 3 years of my life with a lot of trauma, tragedy and grief – and it made me sit up and look at my life. Yes, I was comfortable in my job and I was cosy with the money it provided but I wasn’t satisfied. I want to do something that excites me, I want to travel with my job and I want to be my own boss; maybe working from home and seeing my babies grow up. So I made the decision recently to give up my job; the day I handed in my notice was scary….but I did it. I have a course lined up for September which I am signing up for tomorrow. It is a NCTJ Journalism Course and it is for 12 months. I really wanted to get off to a good start by having a relevant qualification under my belt. I am keen to write pretty much anything but I would love to work with the entertainment industry – working with the glossy magazines, covering gigs, interviewing celebrities maybe.

I have been fortunate enough where I have been able to work with a lot of amazing authors over the past 18 months and I am so grateful to be allowed to review their work in exchange for a copy. I have developed some good relationships with the authors I have worked with and this really reinforces how much I want to write and how much I want to share the things that matter.

As-well as this, I am keen to finish my own book and hopefully get it published. I am scared to say stuff like this out loud as I know it can come across a bit like a tall ‘pipe-dream’ but with the years I have survived then I am taking the stance that I will never know unless I try. Maybe in 12 months I will be working in another office doing a relatively normal role, but I would rather try and fail than always wonder what if.

So the answer to my question, what type of writer am I?

I am a freelance writer who loves sharing content. I am a freelance writer who loves reading books and writing reviews for them. I am the type of freelance writer who sees a short story opportunity in everyday life. I am a freelance writer who is keen to succeed. I am a freelance writer who wants to report on the latest news and gossip.

I am a freelance writer

I am a writer

This is me

So here I go…

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  1. It’s always nice to hear stories about people who grew up writing in notebooks, trying to figure things out like I did. I used to feel like I was the only one who got excited when teachers assigned essays. Even now, I’m amazed when people say they hate to write because it’s my main form of communication. It allows you to have a voice, whether you show your work to 100 people or nobody. Thanks for sharing your writing history!

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