Evening All…

Here I am again, trying to get into more of an habit of writing more regularly. I have spoken about my aims and dreams and goals, or whatever you call them, in other posts. But for those that are new to my ‘warblings’ then let me state them again.

I have many ambitions in this little head of mine, but the two main ones are to be successful for both my photography and my writing simultaneously. For me to do this, then I have to practice both arts. I have successfully completed a number of photography courses over the years, but I am looking at taking myself through higher education to gain a higher qualification and to gain more skills.

With my writing, I have a number of stories trapped in my head which I need to get out and onto paper. I think about my novels often, and make notes but I haven’t sat and started putting any of them together yet. I have previously mentioned that I would start entering more competitions so that I can get my work acknowledged. This is something that I am now ready to start doing more often.

The past few years have been rough and brilliant all at the same time. I am damaged and healed in equal measures and I am still running around after 3 young boys, but I am keen to now follow my dreams. The children have always been a very welcome distraction from what I want from life, but now that I am done baking babies, then I want to find a career that is all mine. I am passionate about both photography and writing and this is now my time to show people what I can do.

I hope you stay with me as I march forward on this journey.

S x

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