Blog Tour – The Charity of Strangers by Alison Burke

Hi Guys!

Blog Tour – Thursday 8th April 2021

Welcome to another blog tour! I have a wonderful book to introduce you to today and an author who has now been added to my favourites list!

This warming, charming little story will take you on a remarkable journey with Zaffron, our main heroine! She has indured a lot of hardship in her life, but her fight and determination land her in a place where she creates a lasting friendship with Blaire, the charming colleague who offers brilliant dialogue!

I must thank the blog host, Rachel of Rachel’s Random Resources and Alison Burke, the author, for allowing me to read this book. It really was a brilliant story and can’t wait to tell you more about it!

I was very pleasantly surprised by this book. It was a remarkable read and one that had an easy, readable, feel to it. It effortlessly gripped my interest and I found myself reading deeper and deeper into the story. Being a fan of a good, old, charity shop myself, I was immediately interested in the starting setting, and I found the characters within the pages both believable and likeable.

As always, I will pause here, to tell you a bit more about the author.

About the Author

In her own words:

I was born and grew up in Lancashire, gained several nursing qualifications and had the privilege of a long and varied nursing career, briefly in the Royal Army Nursing Service abroad, mainly in the NHS in UK. True love and a happy family came my way and now I have the time to read, write and remember.

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About the Book

You can find almost anything in a charity shop, but can you find love?

            You can certainly find friendship and there is both laughter and tears ahead when 19yr old Zaffron, lonely, anxious and without direction, meets Blaire Daintry, good-looking, charming, and gay.

            Both volunteers in the charity shop, he has a hidden agenda, she has secrets,  but they are friends from the start, despite Blaire’s constant sparring with Ida, the stern, good-hearted older volunteer who Zaffron admires. And perhaps Ida has secrets too.

            Together with other victims of the city’s housing crisis, Blaire and Zaffron set up a safe and happy home.  Secure at last, she tells him of the dreadful incident in her childhood that has marred her life, but not even his total acceptance gives her the confidence to start a relationship with an attractive and decent young army sergeant who falls in love with her.

            Is it fear of the truth coming out that holds her back?
Or is there some other reason, buried too deep in her heart for her to recognise?

My Review

Vulnerable characters, new friendships and brilliant writing helped to make this book one of easiest and enjoyable books that I have read. From the start, we are introduced to Zaffron and almost immediately we are aware of her vulnerability and this is where the need to know more about her grows. Within a few pages, I was already building an image of her in my mind, and I found myself liking and believing in her.

I have volunteered in a charity shop myself in the past and what I read in this book felt real to me and I enjoyed reading the ‘behind the scenes’ moments which helped to build more character profiles, bringing life to the story and the people within the pages. Before long I was intrigued by the connections that were shaping between the characters and I adored the sweet, easy connection that Zaffron and Blaire had.

The book sure does pack an emotional punch! From humour to sadness, this book tugged at my feelings and I felt bound to the story, not wanting to let go until I read the very end. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed in the least. It truly does represent human spirit and reminds those reading it that life can take bumps, but no one path is permanent and that we can turn our lives around.

The author has a fantastic way of storytelling and I felt myself walking those steps with the characters. I could almost smell the musty clothes in the charity shop. I have added Alison to my favourite authors list and I very much hope that we will see a sequel in the future!


Fantastic Book! Fantastic Writing! Brilliant Author! 100% recommend!

If you liked my review, and would like to hear more. Please look up these other reviews from other bloggers taking part in this tour!

Thanks All

S xx

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