Day 10 – isolation

Here again guys! 🙂

Day 10! The isolation period is almost over, in a few days as long as my cough as gone (which it possibly won’t be) then I should maybe, hopefully be able to venture out on my own (wooohoooo) to join the queues to get some of my own groceries. I usually dislike food shopping, but I really can’t wait. It will be great to get a few more supplies so I can have more ideas for meals, etc.

Outside fun for boys today

I am not keen on this 1950’s housewife role that I have been forced to adapt to. Cooked meals every night, cleaning for the sake of cleaning, and homeschooling the children – no takeaways in sight…. does anyone else struggle to find what to make for tea each night? I am always searching for stuff to have with stuff….veg with main meals, bread with sandwich fillings, etc….it’s hard work! Our Friday evenings are usually reserved for a take-away but not tonight…..I rustled some pasta up and salad. My food cupboards and freezer are looking a bit emptier – worryingly emptier. I am not sure if anyone else is the same, but with every shop I buy extra tins and freezer bulk-buys so that there is always something in. Only problem is that this stuff rarely gets touched. So the tins of casseroles, soup, beans and pies are now being brought out to pair up with the frozen veg or rice. Those items are now getting less and less, so I am eager to get out when I can so I can pick up items to make meals with. We have been living on sandwiches, cooked meals, jacket potatoes, pasta and pizzas.

Pasta and salad for tea for boys

No school work for the boys today. I wanted to give them a break from all the days that they have worked hard. We read some books, got through more chapters of Grandpas Great Escape by David Williams, but otherwise we have simply played together and had fun. Today, we had a board game day. There was fortnite monopoly, Harry Potter games and shark bite! We had fun, the boys were relaxed and it felt nice spending time together and just enjoying each other’s company. As always, we took them outside to play with their scooters and balls.

Harry Potter Top Trumps Matching Game
Oliver won….twice!

I am now sat here, writing my blog whilst I watch episodes of shows that I have wanted to watch for a while now. Stranger Things, Legion, Big Bang Theory and the fantastic Friday Night Dinner

Tomorrow is the start of the weekend – we have a few things planned. All in and around the house obviously. A good declutter is on the cards. And bin bags are at the ready…

Day 9 – Isolation

I missed yesterday thrilling instalment of my isolation journey! I am still coughing and yesterday I woke up with a strained voice – it never feels like it’s leaving me. I have stuffy nose, my head aches and I have some aching in my chest from all the coughing…but otherwise I’m not too bad. I am still feeling drained from it though.

Boys had a nice day of learning and they did well with the things that I asked them to do. Oliver has been quite good at his times tables actually. I was surprised at how well he can do them! Ethan is reading a chapter of a book each day and reciting it back to me afterwards (just so I know he’s actually reading it and not just skimming)

Afterwards they enjoyed some of the sun that we are having, running around on their bikes, playing with Ethans action cam and playing football – both boys are taking this isolation remarkably well. Neither are complaining about the lack of activities. In fact, I think they quite enjoy being at home. Myself and my husband are struggling with it just a little bit. We have always been home birds anyway, much preferring to be in together than out, but we like taking the boys different places…and knowing that those options aren’t available sucks just a teeny weeny bit. I know that in the grand scheme of things then it’s not important, but it still bugs me. Our whole life has been changed, and it is only a minor interruption for us…I think of all those people whose lives have been permanently changed or scarred by this virus. I look forward to when life can return back to normal a bit.

The highlight of the day yesterday was most definitely the applause the nation gave to the NHS staff. I had seen posts for it days in advance and had thought that just a few might carry it out, but I was brought to tears by how many stood on their doorsteps and clapped for the staff who are working around the clock on the frontline. My Street was full! And it was heartwarming! I felt ready and although I’ve only been locked inside for over a week, it felt nice seeing neighbours for the first time In what feels like forever. We pass each other everyday and go about our lives with greetings but yesterday we all came together. I was teary then and even more teary when I looked on social media and saw how many joined in with this appreciation display! It was amazing! And definitely something I think we should all do again! I saw people saying that we should mark the day and I for one would be okay with that!

Day 8 – isolation

Another day in isolation. I am kind of getting used to not going out. Sure, eventually I will need to do a major shop and not just rely on small supply drops from family and friends, but at the moment I am pretty content in my mini bubble.

The sun was shining again today, and we spent some much needed time outside in the sun, whilst the boys had a kick around. We have had a day of learning too. Speed words, times tables (which Oliver is very good at) and reading, followed by a question and answer session.

I haven’t been as strict about school work today as I have other days because I am conscious of how much the boys lives have been disrupted. Oliver has had a few days when he has been ready about dying…and I am under no illusion that it’s all of this stuff going on around us that has helped fuel his fears. At 5 years old, he shouldn’t have to worry about catching a virus and going into hospital. As a family, we try to shield them both from the trauma that this illness is causing but we can’t hide them away from all of it. They are aware that things are different – they know that we don’t go outside at the moment, or that there favourite places to visit are inaccessible – so keeping them relaxed and not stressing them out too much is a priority. I do want to keep a routine that is as normal as possible, especially when it comes to schooling but I don’t want to put any added pressure on them.

They finished there day with computer games, and a movie before bed. We are currently reading David Williams Grandpa’s Great Escape and we read a chapter or two each night before they get tucked up for the night. I love cuddling up with them on my bed, under the covers as I read a chapter to them. They are always engrossed and I love how they love books and stories just as much as I do! 🙂

Today has been pretty chilled. I still have a cough and my breathlessness is still there but I can get around better without feeling like I am gasping for breathe or feeling like I am going to pass out. The stuffiness is still there but better than it was – I am hoping that by the end of my 2 week lockdown (31st March) then I can at least venture out to the shop for 10 minutes on my own.

Here’s to the next 6 days!

Day 7 – Isolation

Another day in isolation, another day away from the madness of outside. I woke today feeling less stuffy and chesty as I have other days. The cough has still been evident and I have coughed my way through the day, but I have felt a bit better.

One thing I noticed when I came downstairs was how quiet it was outside – the sun was shining, and their were less people around. There were still the odd sounds of cars mulling around but not as much as usual. I opened the windows, did a bit of cleaning, prepared breakfast for the boys and felt like I had a bit more energy. A lot of my previous days have had me gasping for breathe with any exertion, as this cold or virus 🦠 penetrated my chest. But today, the feeling that I am out of puff has been less. I have moved around quite easily, and have done more around the house than I have managed to do the past week.

It is now Day 7, I have been holed up in here for an entire week and I have to say the days have milled along quite quickly. I was bored in the beginning and I felt trapped but that feeling disappeared. It probably helped that I did feel miserable because I didn’t want to do anything at all. Today, with the sun shining, I took the boys into the garden with Harry Pugger and we made shadow drawings, played football and swingball. I sat on the chair and let the sun tickle my skin and it was wonderful. Being outside after a week felt brilliant.

Once we were back safely inside, I proceeded to do some home schooling with them. Speed words, times tables, geography, science and then a bit of reading. Following on from Boris Johnson’s announcement yesterday, I have looked out at the world outside and noticed how many sounds I can hear, which would usually be masked by cars, etc. Yeah, I know there are still areas where people are congregating when they shouldn’t, and I know not everyone believes in what is happening, but it sounded so different outside.

I am half way through my isolation, from next week I should be able to at least pop to the shop to grab a few things. I will avoid people, I won’t queue to closely and I will make sure I go and come quickly. But it will be nice to pick up my own groceries rather than relying on others. It’s always difficult knowing how many things you can request before you sound cheeky….I generally just request the essentials but I am starting to run low on freezer stuff and cupboard stuff, but I should be able to stretch it all out until next week! I just hope I can get out briefly then!

Day 6 – Isolation

La la la! I am in surprisingly happy spirits today! There is a lot of heartache and stress and worry that comes from this global panademic, but I am currently in my own little bubble. We are caved in, we have food, we have ‘toilet rolls’ (shhhh, don’t tell everyone) and we have one another….me, my husband, our two boys and Pug, Harry. It is Day 6 and the feeling of cooped up has dwindled. I am quite comfy sitting here doing my own thing, slowing down, and watching the world from the window.

Whatever virus or cold I had is starting to ease off. Breathing is still difficult and I can’t stop coughing. The symptoms are worse if I lie down, so often sleep in a very uncomfortable sitting up position. Last night, I actually got to sleep flat…I still feel chesty, still felt stuffy but it was easier. The one that’s really gets on my nerves is when you have that horrible rattly chest when you breathe. That hasn’t gone. It’s still there. My head was swimming for a few days but that’s got less. And I do have some pains in my sides from all the coughing but otherwise I don’t feel too bad. Drained is probably a word I could use…but not as bad as Day 1 and 2.

Like most people in the UK, I am currently waiting to see what our Boris has to say. I read that he is in a urgent meeting, and the update will be later than usual. I, along with most people, think that it won’t be long before adapts the same rules or similar as other countries before us….and implements a ‘lockdown’ to stop those people who aren’t taking the virus seriously enough.

Today, I got to experience the life of a teacher. I got my boys up, dressed, washed, groomed…. and then set them to work. Maths, speed words, question and answer sessions, spelling, and reading. Followed by a workout with Joe Wicks. They did fantastic considering they weren’t overly motivated to begin with. They are now outside taking the chance to play in the sun whilst we have it. And I am on Uber Eats, ordering our last McDonald’s for god knows when!

I can only hope that if the county pulls together then we will be able to come out of this quickly and without many more deaths.

My thoughts are constantly with those who are dealing with this directly. The wonderful NHS staff, our government, and those whose family or friends have been tragically affected by this dreadful virus.

Day 5 – Isolation

The sun is shining, the air feels fresh and inviting….and yet, I’m stuck indoors with a bit of a temperature and an irritating cough. I would love to get the boys dressed, and get them outside to a park or the zoo. But instead they are stuck home. Sure, we have the garden but it’s not quite the same.

Day 5, and the days are counting down quite nicely. Time does go fast if you fill it with stuff. Games, tv and lots of fun. Today is also my eldest sons 9th birthday. We had so much planned for this weekend. Comic con yesterday, followed by a meal out today with his Nan. But alas, that was all cancelled due to this bloody virus! But he seems just as happy being at home. Presents have been ripped open, and he is happily lapping up the television as he munches on a McDonald’s breakfast. We have surprise birthday cake for later and pasta for tea.

My son is the best 9 year old I know. Funny, intelligent, talkative and full of fun! He has a wonderful way of looking at situations….including the current pandemic. He makes me smile everyday! He made me a Mom and I will forever be proud of how he is growing. He and his younger brother make me very happy 🙂

So today, we may be isolated, but we have each other. We will laugh and cuddle and enjoy the day together – I don’t think I could ask for anything else 🙂

Happy isolation day to you all! Make it the best it can be!

And Happy Mothers Day to all you sexy mommas out there!

Day 4 – Isolation

Onto Day 4! I can’t really say that I am getting better but I feel better about being cooped in. The world is crazy outside here and I feel much safer in my haven than out there with the masses.

My throat is less sore, but the persistent cough has ramped up a bit. My chest is hurting and I have stitch I my sides from coughing so much. I feel run down, I hate zits which I haven’t had for a long time and I feel drained. Even walking up the stairs is a mission. Any type of exertion has me out of breath, which in turn hurts my chest and then pulls at the stitch I my sides. The prospect of going to bed isn’t a joyous one, as lying down aggravates my symptoms even more. If I could just sleep lying down in bed, I could at least get a decent nights sleep. But instead I sleep part sitting up, which isn’t very comfortable at all.

Yesterday I spent the day home schooling the boys. We watched some learning videos about animals on YouTube which was followed by a question and answer session. We then had Maths, writing, and reading. And we ended the few hours of learning with a crafts session. I actually found that it helped to make some of the time go quicker. The boy’s actually really enjoyed it too. The boys have been outside today, kicking a ball around and enjoying some of the first hints of spring.

Today has been pretty lazy on my part; tv, board games, computer games….followed by a ubereats delivery of McDonald’s. We are now sat here cuddled up on the sofa watching Godzilla. Just another 10 days to go….and even then I understand that I will have to practice safe social distancing. Because I don’t know what I have got exactly….. a bad cold or Covid-19…..? Either way, I could be really contagious when I do get to go back outside or catch the actual virus if I haven’t had it already…..

And who knows what the next 10 days will bring….what else can the government put in place? Is a likely ‘lockdown’ the way forward?

Day 3 – isolation

My throat is on fire, my chest is tight. Taking a full, deep breathe is hard! I am stuffy and headachy, and feel like I am burning up….eventhough I am cold to touch.

I am not 100% unwell, I can’t say that I ‘haven’t’ had a worse cold experience in the past. I am feeling rough and a bit drained but no different to any other cold I have had in the past. And yet, I can’t be sure whether this is just another cold or whether I have the big C. I have to isolate for 7 days, with my family isolating for 14 days….

The isolation is getting to me, and I know with the grand scheme of things then boredom is at the very bottom of people’s concerns! But the feeling of being ‘trapped in’ is getting to me. I feel for all those people on the front line who are dealing with the good and ugly in people!

There are people out there who should hang there heads in shame for how they have acted during this pandemic. There are good cases where people are helping those most vulnerable….but then there are the selfish people who are taking way more than they need.

Stocks are low in stores, not everyone is getting what they need. Items such as baby formula which is essential for nutrition in babies is taken speedily and greedily, without thought for the next person to come along! Stores and store people are trying there best, they are trying to cope with the mad rushes, and the high demand. There are queues of people daily outside supermarkets, from as early as 7am every morning! Just waiting to get in and grab something!

Not only does it amaze me how people can act like this! It also makes me wonder how they afford it all! Or where they even put it at home! Have they got food waste because they took too much?

The world has gone completely mad! And as much as indoors bores me, I am glad that I don’t have to deal with outside at the moment! I am safe and sheltered from it all. I hope that by the time I can leave the house then people have started acting a bit more rationally!

Isolation Day 2

So a few days ago, I woke with a itchy throat…..I thought nothing of it really and carried on as normal. The itch turned into a bit of a persistent cough. Nothing too bad, just irritating but with current government guidelines I was obviously aware that I had to adhere to the current advice. So I collected my boys from school on Tuesday and we have been holed up ever since.

I was one of those that didn’t prepare for the inevitable – I was avoiding shops where I could and naively thought that I could just get shopping online if it came to it! Doh!

So yesterday I made a small list of items we needed to make meals – basic things really – bread/sandwich fillers/fruit/milk/cereal – and I asked my wonderful mother in law if she could pick some things up for me.

I stupidly thought I could do a big shop online, but I soon realised how ridiculous that thought was when I tried to book a slot! None were available – stores have limited slots anyway but the ones they do have are booked up…and are up until almost the middle of April.

It has been two days since we started our isolation. We have until day 14 to get to. Currently I feel rough. I have headaches and a sore throat, a raging cough, stuffy sinus’s and a bit of a temp.

Im Unsure whether it’s the Big C or whether it is just a cold…but I do feel unwell. My husband and boys have tried to keep a safe distance away from me but they are both living under the same roof, and inevitably they may catch what I have.

2 days in and I am bored! I would usually love a chill day where I could just be with my family but when the option to leave the house is taken away, then ones surroundings can feel rather small. We have had the boys do school work everyday, as we are conscious of how much school they could potentially miss. And we have played board games, read together, watched movies.

I do wonder how we will fill the days between now and Day 14! Who knows what is in store for the country or for my family. I am aware that our supplies are running low and it feels so strange knowing that I can’t freely go out and buy more things…. this is Day 2 and I am ready to break the rules and run out to the shop! I won’t… of course! My boredom is nothing compared to what some may be feeling and I know how dangerous it could be to others if I did venture out… but still, I am rather relishing the thought of finally being let free! 😀

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