Writing away the Days

Due to one thing or another, I haven’t spent a lot of time on my blog as of late. In fact, I haven’t even switched on my computer. I really want to get back into writing. I have so many projects that I want to work on and so many avenues I want to pursue for work.

The whole reason for me giving up my day job was so that I could be at home more with my family, providing them with support, but it was also a good opportunity for me to dive into a career as a freelance writer. I have other ambitions that I will one day pursue and my craving to be a midwife has not disappeared, but for now I want to focus on trying my hand at writing professionally.

But where do I start? It’s so easy to sit on my computer chair, kick my computer into gear and get my fingers ready on the keys…..but then that’s where I pause….I don’t really know where to begin. I have seen many articles about writing as a freelance but the advice is sometimes outdated or not applicable to someone like me, who is just starting out.

A few months ago, I enrolled on the writers bureau writing course – this is for fiction writing and I am keen to get started but there is always something else to do or somewhere else to be. My mind has been distracted a lot in recent months but I am very keen to turn it all around.

I have got course folder out, and I am thinking about that first piece of work. I am drafting short stories and I am keen to get myself out there more.

I am going to start spending more hours writing, and hopefully turn out some work that may appeal to publishers etc.

Sleepless nights

Lying in bed, with my husband snoring beside me and I can’t sleep…..

I feel hot, so I stick my leg out but feel cold….so I pull it back in.

I feel uncomfortable and try to shift position but nothing works….

I feel anxious and stressed but I can’t really say why. I am going over and over things in my head, conversations I’ve had or not had, etc. I feel like I can’t relax, my stomach is in knots and my heart is racing….

There are so many things swimming around my head and I can’t switch any of it off….

I wish tonight was a one off but I’ve felt like this for so long now. This isn’t the first sleepless night I’ve had…

I must try to close my eyes….

More writing for 2020

One of the things that I haven’t done much of the last year is writing. I have taken part in book tours and worked with some fantastic authors but I want to put my own words to paper and hopefully publish my book. This year feels like it has flown by….and they will all combine and tumble ever forwards until there is no more time left. So with that in mind, I am going to make a conscious effort to be more assertive, to write more and plan more. I am going to use my ‘unemployed’ status to do all the things I wanted to do. I’m going to get myself ready for when i apply to university for the midwifery course I want to do, and I am going to write those books that have been in my mind for so so long. And more than anything, I am hoping to finally put the past few years behind me. I haven’t been the same person for such a long time and I want to have a more positive year. Let’s hope the year gives me everything I need and more!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2020 is good to you!


This past year has been the first one which has been quite relaxed and trauma free. For the past 3 years I have been dealt some shitty hands, but this year has been what can only be described as normal.

I have left my full time position to support my husband at home. I have spent a lot more time with my boys and feeling better about being available for all the school stuff that they did. This year also helped to heal me a bit. It’s not uncommon that I struggled with stress and slight depression after the previous years and since giving up work, I have been able to slowly get back to the person I used to be. I am looking forward to the year ahead. New challenges, new beginnings, and hopefully a new improved me. There’s a lot that I want to change about myself and I’m hoping to chip away at the bad to reveal who I really am.

There are some exciting things happening in 2020, and I can’t wait to see how the year shapes up 🙂

hopefully this will be our year……

Torturing myself

I spent a good portion of my night thinking about the people in my life. I lost out on sleep and managed to get a mere 4 hours before I had to take boys to school.

Like many people, I have those that support me and those that don’t. I went through scenarios and battles that I should have either avoided or done more about. I have people who would go that extra mile for me, and who I would do the same…..and then I have others who can’t be bothered. People who put their own needs and feelings before others.

And I ask myself….why do I torture myself about it all?

Why do I constantly fret over who likes me and who doesn’t? Why do I put myself out there, just to feel rejection and hurt? I have been through some shitty stuff over the past few years, more than anyone should deal with in any one lifetime….and it has made me realise who I can count on 100% and who lets me down time and time again. I should turn away and not let them get to me, but it’s hard! I am going to start looking after me and mine. I will give the same amount of support to those who give it to me…..match support with support. And then see how long it takes before I hear any complaints….

I have a busy year ahead of me, and I want to focus on moving towards a brighter, future and career. I need to learn to shake the negative people off!

#Blogtour Naughty or Nice by Rachael Stewart

Naughty or Nice.png

Blogtour – Sunday 1st December

Hi all…

How are you all on the first festive day of December? I have one hell of a treat for you with this super hot, super sexy review… this was a story that pulled me in from the very start, making my heart race passionately with every turn of the page! For some, this may be TOO HOT! So please, handle with care!

As always, big thanks must go to the blog host and the author, who both allowed me to read and review this sizzling book.

Rachel of Rachels Random Resources – https://www.rachelsrandomresources.com

Rachael Stewart – www.rachaelstewartauthor.com


I like my stories with a bit of spice….something fun and sexy, which had me begging for more…and by golly, this book had it in buckets!

xmas naughty or nice
Before I delve deeper into this pulse quickening story, lets get to know an author who has once again given us a story that is juicy to the last word!

About the Author

small profile

Rachael Stewart adores conjuring up stories for the readers of Harlequin Mills & Boon and Deep Desires Press, with tales varying from the heart-warmingly romantic to the wildly erotic.

Despite a degree in Business Studies and spending many years in the corporate world, the desire to become an author never waned and it’s now her full-time pleasure, a dream come true.

A Welsh lass at heart, she now lives in Yorkshire with her husband and three children, and if she’s not glued to her laptop, she’s wrapped up in them or enjoying the great outdoors seeking out inspiration.

Social Media Links –
Website: www.rachaelstewartauthor.com
Twitter: @rach_b52
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rachaelstewartauthor/

About the Book


Naughty Or Nice

She’s setting the terms…

In business and pleasure!

Lucas Waring was my brother’s best friend—before he broke my heart and betrayed my family. Yet one glance from those dark, intense eyes, and that bolt of aching need returns. Now Lucas wants my business. But the nice Eva he knew is gone forever and naughty Eva wants her cake, and a taste of deliciously hot Lucas, too. Only my heart’s about to pull the biggest betrayal of all…

Purchase Links
Amazon –  https://mybook.to/NaughtyOrNice

My Review

I have said it before and I will say it again! Rachael Stewart never ever fails to brighten my days. Her stories ignite such passion and intrigue, and they really fire up my cold, dreary days.

This story is a fabulous, fun, sexy escape from the normality. We see two characters, divided by family feuds who cannot stay away from one another. Years have gone by since Eva last saw Lucas, the guy who won her heart when she was only 18; the guy who also broke that heart…..and yet her body reacts whenever she sees him.

Lucas sees the sister of his ex-best friend. The girl who he wanted, but couldn’t have. And now there is nothing standing in his way, and he wants what he deprived himself of all those years ago…..

But now, it is Eva who calls the shots…

This book had me wanting from the very first chapter. I read the pages greedily and hid myself away when the scenes got hot…. I couldn’t steer myself away from the drama as it unfolded and as much as I loved the ‘strong willed’ Eva, I knew that wanted nothing more than to feel Lucas’s love for her….and I wanted it for her too!

The scenes were written brilliantly….Rachael sure does know how to get people HOT under the collar! From the story building, the character interaction and juicy sex scenes….I was not left disappointed!


Sexy…. Hot… Dramatic… with two characters that I believed in. This was top notch Stewart work at its best! I look forward to reading more…

Rating – Can I ever rate any lower than this?

5 out of 5!

Fantastic book! Give it a ago…..but beware… It may raise your blood pressure…

Giveaway to Win an e-copy of Naughty or Nice by Rachael Stewart (Open INT)
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#BookBlitz – Children of Fire by Paul CW Beatty

Apologies, but this review should have been published yesterday. Technical issues and me being in hospital resulted in it not doing as planned. For this I apologise, but here is my 5 star review for this fantastic book!


Children of Fire.png

Blogtour – Tuesday 26th November

Hi all

I have a fantastic review to bring you today – spoiler free, of course – today I bring you a story set in 1841 North West England and told from the point of view of the main character, Josiah Ainscough. This murder mystery was enthralling and riveting from the very first page and I cant wait to tell you more about it.

But obviously, first I must mention the two people who invited me onto this tour.
Big shout out to our Blog Host, Rachel of Rachels Random Resources (https://www.rachelsrandomresources.com/) and to the wonderful author, Paul CW Beatty (https://twitter.com/cw_beatty)

I have said it before and I will say it again, a good book cover always stirs my curiosity and this is no exception.

Children of Fire Cover.jpg
I want to dive straight into my review, but first I want to introduce you to our author, and the book bio. Take a peek at the man who created this thrilling story.

About the Author

COF - Paul Pictures-2.jpg
Paul CW Beatty is an unusual combination of a novelist and a research scientist. Having worked for many years in medical research in the UK NHS and Universities, a few years ago he took an MA in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University emerging with a distinction.

His latest novel, Children of Fire, is a Victorian murder mystery set in 1841 at the height of the industrial revolution. It won the Writing Magazine’s Best Novel Award in November 2017 and is published by The Book Guild Ltd.

Paul lives near Manchester in the northwest of England. Children of Fire is set against the hills of the Peak District as well as the canals and other industrial infrastructure of the Cottonopolis know as the City of Manchester.

Social Media – https://twitter.com/cw_beatty

About the Book

Children of Fire Cover

Can Josiah solve the puzzle before more people die, or is he out of his depth?
In 1841, at the height of the industrial revolution in the North West of England, Josiah Ainscough returns from his travels and surprises everyone by joining the Stockport Police Force, rather than following his adopted father’s footsteps into the Methodist ministry.

While Josiah was abroad, five men died in an explosion at the Furness Vale Powder Mill. Was this an accident or did the Children of Fire, a local religious community, have a hand in it. As Josiah struggles to find his vocation, his investigation into the Children of Fire begins. But his enquiries are derailed by the horrific crucifixion of the community’s leader.

Now Josiah must race against time to solve the puzzle of the violence loose in the Furness Vale before more people die. This is complicated by his affections for Rachael, a leading member of the Children of Fire, and the vivacious Aideen Hayes, a visitor from Ireland.

Can Josiah put together the pieces of the puzzle, or is he out of his depth? Children of Fire won the Writing Magazine’s Best Novel Prize for 2017

Purchase Links
UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1912083469/
US – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1912083469/

My Review

I loved Josiah’s character. I loved reading a book set in 1841. And I loved how this murder mystery kept guessing with every turn of the page.

There is a lot to Josiah’s chracter and it is interesting to find out about him as we read into the story. There are many characters, who help to create a full rich story that flows brilliantly. There are many twists and turns which kept me reading late into the night. I was amazed when I had finished the entire book within 2 days, a sure sign that I loved every second!

I applaud Paul Beatty for his research skills as the historical detail was amazing… and it created interesting, thought provoking moments which helped to give the story a full body. I was impressed with the story and satisfied with the conclusion.

This book was very enjoyable from start to finish.

My Conclusion
I have said this before too – I am now adding Paul CW Beatty to my author follow list. He is definitely one to watch. I enjoyed this story, and look forward to reading more from this author in the future. Fantastic storytelling!

Rating – 5 out of 5

Death after Life

Short Story written by Stephanie Geary

Dying is hard and dark.

Blackness surrounds me.

My body doesn’t exist now.

Only my mind remains.

Fear; I feel it.

Deep, hot and scary.

The darkness consumes me more.

I want to go back.

I want to feel alive again.

I want to feel something.

I don’t remember.

Not my name.

Not who I am. Or was.

I simply know that I have lost something.

I am lost; I am the lost.

A bright star twinkles ahead.

A star that was not noticeable until now.

It edges closer and closer.



Drawing me in.

Swallowing me whole.

And then I am born.

I am new again.

I am someone new.

A new cycle begins.

#blogtour – Star in the Shadows by Helen Buckley

Star in the Shadows

Blog Blitz – Thursday 31st October

Happy Halloween Blog-Followers! hope you are having a Spooktacular time! I bring you a review of a book which had me gripped from the very first page turn. A story that was both compelling and dramatic to read.

Big Thanks as always must go to the Blog Host, Rachel of Rachels Random Resources for inviting me along to this tour. (https://www.rachelsrandomresources.com)

And also, I would never have been able to introduce you to this story if the author hadn’t put pen to paper in the first place – Helen Buckley (https://buckleybooks.org)

Let me introduce you to Star in the Shadows!

Star in the Shadows FInal cover.jpg

I dived straight into this story, and read greedily as Kiara’s story was retold between the past and the present. The tale of a child living through poverty is difficult to digest and I felt myself warming to Kiara almost immediately. I don’t want to write too much, in case I inadvertently drop a spoiler, but this book was remarkable!

Before I give you more on my feelings, lets hear a bit about the author.

About the Author

Star in the Shadows Author.jpg
Helen Buckley has spent over thirteen years working and volunteering for charities in the UK and abroad, including four years in Honduras. She currently works as a charity communications manager and lives in Bedfordshire with her husband and son.

Social Media Links
Twitter               HelenCBuckley
Instagram         helencatherinebuckley
Website:            buckleybooks.org

About the Book

Star in the Shadows FInal coverStar in the Shadows

The world thinks that pop superstar Kiara Anderson has it all, but she spends her nights drinking away memories of her childhood and life as a teen runaway.
The Jacobs family are desperate to see the girl next door again and discover why she ran away, especially their son Shane, who blames himself for her disappearance.
When Kiara’s manager forces her into a reveal-all TV interview she knows the family she loved more than her own will finally discover the truth.
Can she overcome her demons or will the shadows of the past rob her of fame, fortune, and a chance to finally fall in love?

Purchase Link
UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Star-Shadows-Helen-Buckley/dp/1528932005

My Review

I read this book from start to finish in just one day. The pages sped by quickly as I strived to read more and more about Kiara and her life. We are introduced to her character in the beginning, she is a famous member of a girl group who are taking the charts by storm. And yet, like many celebrities of today, the public and press want to know more about her. As a result, she is kind of ‘forceably’ convinced to have a tell-all interview live on television.

What happens next, is a backwards-forwards retell, as we are shown glimpses of the past, coupled with the present, as Kiara is interviewed by Beth Winters.

I really want to tell you everything about this book, I want to talk about the highs and the lows, but I dont want to give anything away. This book had me enthralled from the start, I felt compelled to stay with this story until the end, and I fell in love with Kiara’s character.

There have been many books that I have read through the blogtours, some of which have really had me on tenderhooks as I read them, but this book triggered so many emotions! I would happily shout from the rooftops about how good this book is! People need to seriously add this to their TBR list, as it is a tremendous read.

This writer was new to me before reading this book, but I will be keen to read more of her work in the future. She has a wonderful writing style, and is a brilliant story-teller.


My top stars are reserved for those books that have blown me away. The books that have had me glued to them until I turn that final page… and this book is one of them! I would 100% recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new, exciting, dramatic read!

Rating – 5 out of 5!!

Does anyone fancy trying to #win themselves a copy of this book?

If so….please see details below. 😀

Giveaway to Win a signed copy of Star in the Shadows, a beautiful dreams and goal planning journal, a star print scarf, and three yummy chocolate bars from Creighton’s Chocolaterie. (UK Only)

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Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post! If you do nothing else, please go and check out this author and book! You will not be disappointed!

S x



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