Day 1 of 2021

I woke up feeling positive and I wrote in my brand spanking new notebook – noting all of the tasks I wanted to complete today! Having got myself into a bit of rut with how I spend my day; it was difficult to focus, but I found I ticked up some items on my list.

I spent more care with my skin, and I did just that. I cleansed, toned, polished and moisturised, leaving me feeling smooth and soft. To the point where I can’t stop stroking myself.

I started on my healthier eating and added fruit into my diet (which has been absent for a few months) – I can do vegetables no problem but I struggle with fruit! And I ticked that off my list!

Why I didn’t achieve was not letting people stress me out and cause anxiety. I have a tendency to hold on to past relationships tightly, not wanting to admit that they are less close or that they are almost non existent – this causes me to try to break down why someone is more distant with me than usual – and I generally end up blaming myself. My lack of confident and low self esteem creates this paranoia that I can’t shake, and I question why people would even bother with me at all! I find I am surrounded at times by negative influences – I have those around me that raise a smile all the time! Just a few words from them and I am beaming and my whole day feels better – but then there are those who don’t seem to care as much about me. Those who wish to be stand offish, or moody. Those who make me feel awkward and on edge just being around them. I made a point to myself that this year I wouldn’t take as much notice and that I would shrug it off! Those who want to be in my life will…..and then I feel the familiar pull of tears, the twinges in my stomach that knot and pull, and I realise I am still letting people get to me.

It’s day 1, and I feel like I have fell at the first hurdle! This isn’t over though, I will continue to push forward. My mental health isn’t always great, eventhough I don’t admit to many…..and I just want to have a happier and healthier new year

S x

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