Book Review: Don’t you Dare by A.J Waines

I was given the opportunity to read and review a book by A.J Waines – this was sent to me via NetGalley. Thanks so much to them and the publishers, Bloodhound Books for allowing me the honour of reading such a fantastic book. 

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Don’t you Dare by A.J Waine


Book Blurb

When barmaid, Rachel, discovers her soon-to-be-married daughter, Beth, pinned down by a stranger in the pub cellar, Rachel lashes out in panic and the intruder ends up dead.

In desperation, Rachel convinces Beth they should cover up the crime and go ahead with the planned wedding in one month’s time.

Rachel, however, has her own reasons for not involving the police.

Hiding their dreadful secret is harder than they both imagined and as the big day approaches and the lies multiply, Beth becomes a liability.

Rachel looks on in dismay at the hen party when, after too many drinks, Beth declares she’s about to make a special announcement.

But before Beth can say a word she disappears…

About the Author


AJ Waines has sold over 450,000 psychological thrillers worldwide and topped the UK and Australian Kindle Charts in 2015 and 2016 with her number one bestseller, Girl on a Train.

She was a Psychotherapist for fifteen years, during which time she worked with ex-offenders from high-security institutions, gaining a rare insight into criminal and abnormal psychology.

She is now a full-time author of psychological thrillers and murder mysteries with publishing deals in France, Germany, Norway, Hungary and USA (audiobooks).

In December 2017, she signed a UK two-book deal with Bloodhound Books.
AJ Waines has has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and The Times and been ranked a Top 10 UK Author on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

The author lives in Hampshire, UK, with her husband.

My Review

I was sent this book by Netgalley and I am so glad I got the opportunity to read it.

I was hooked from page 1!

We are introduced to Rachel, who on thinking that her daughter is being raped; kills the ‘attacker’ only to realise that all is not as it seems….what happens next is a dramatic battle as they fight to ‘bury’ what happened….resulting in them getting rid of the body.

The pace was managed really well and I believed in the characters I was reading about. My favourite was Beth, she was a victim of circumstance, even if she did bring the situation on herself……but she was slightly ‘hen-pecked’ by her dear old Mother, who goes beyond the job of protecting her daughter; I can’t say I was a fan of her, especially as she came across quite intimidating towards her daughter at times and took it upon herself to interfere (way too much) which I felt uncomfortable with but saying that, I know that it shows the talent of the writer when they don’t only create likeable characters, but the not so likeable too. The character interactions were written really well and I related to some of the over-protective moments that Rachel showed towards her daughter. I felt the difficult tension building between these two characters which made for very fascinating reading.

I love when books have chapters from differing viewpoints, so it was nice to read this book from both angles (Rachel’s and then Beth’s) – it was easy to see where this book was going at times but I still enjoyed every page turn I made. This book had some nice little twists right up to the last few pages. I am hoping that the ‘almost’ open end means that there could be another book…..because it would be great to see how the author could continue this story.

All in all, this book was a really enjoyable read and I would recommend.


I wrote my Goodreads review yesterday and gave this a 4/5 stars….but the story has stayed with me all day, so I have changed it to 5/5 stars! This is a really good read! Intense, dramatic story with twists and turns to keep you guessing!

S x

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