The Big ‘C’

There was once a time when the term, The Big ‘C’ would be reserved for Cancer, but we are within a time when there is only one ‘C’ on everyone’s lips right now.

In the days since the dreaded Coronavirus has reared its ugly head, the nation and the World has shown un-stoic panic when it comes to the risk of catching the virus. We have empty toilet roll aisles, and mothers begging around for nappies for their babies as the panic becomes more contagious than the illness itself.


I can fully appreciate how tremendously stressful this time is for some people, and how much some could be affected if they caught it, but I have been both shocked and ashamed at the levels some people are stooping to.

Here in the UK, we have been witness to fights breaking out over the last ‘arse-wiping’ paper, and looked on in anger as some shoppers have piled their trolleys high with limited stocks; items which wouldn’t be deemed ‘limited’ if people were to only take what they need, and not selfishly look out for themselves. Some stores are now putting limits on how many of one item you can buy, with Aldi going to the other extreme and only allowing 1 tin of beans per household.




Where and when will this madness end? As the government reassesses the situation everyday and more cases are confirmed closer and closer to us all, we all sit with only one thing on our minds. To some, the panic is unwarranted, and certainly not something I understand, but the news has been full of the prospect of catching the virus. And the fear is not completely unfounded, as Coronavirus has killed 14 people so far in the UK, with 1,372 people being tested and diagnosed.

As people rush out to stock up, with the possibility of having to self-isolate, we are left with shortages of items that our stores and store-staff cannot manage. But what about those most vulnerable? Those that can’t leave their homes, but rely on home shopping? Those that only get out once a week? or those that rely heavily on items that are not now readily available to them?

More should be being done to ensure everyone is as less affected as possible. Panic is always going to be triggered in epidemics like this, but we owe it to ourselves and to those around us to support those who need stocks more than we do. I read online yesterday about women who couldn’t buy formula’s for their babies; this alone is a sad prospect. Young such as this shouldn’t have the risk of not being able to get much needed food supply because someone has taken way more than they needed. Toilet rolls, wipes, etc….we can get around not having those luxuries. Our ancestors survived before us, so I am sure we can too….but food for babies should not be an item that isn’t readily available. Stores will now likely have more in place to help with the growing need that is humming throughout our communities. Limits should have been put in place before it got to this extreme.

We as a nation should be rallying together to help one another out. I know this isn’t as easy task, when there are so many people simply out for themselves, but surely we should all be looking out for those around us. If we look in on elderly neighbours, or people who would be considered ‘high risk’ if they caught this virus, then surely we can help alleviate some of the stress and fear that some people may be feeling. Take some shopping to the lady down the road who lives alone, help to make sure that people in your community and surrounding areas are safe and well prepared.

We could all help one another out by only taking what we need when we need it. This would ensure that there are items available for everyone. There has been stories of people buying more than needed, to only then try to sell them on for almost triple what they brought them for.

Government to start daily briefings amidst the current Coronavirus epidemic –

We could be on this journey for a while yet with some officials saying that we could be sailing through for another 12 months. Let’s travel along that path together, with dignity and compassion.

And to all those people that are bulk buying….Let’s not forget that someone out there is worse off than you are and someone heavily needs the items that you have stockpiled for yourself.

We should all be pulling together to get through this, not thinking solely of ourselves. We are all going through battles away from this current situation and the added stress that ‘bulk-buyers’ cause is not helping.

Let’s hope that the days head for us all are kind. Stay Safe everyone!

Here’s a picture I just found on a Walsall Page via Facebook. A local shop in Walsall is selling hand gels for £20.00! Times like this really do show some of the crummier people we are surrounded by. People who are only our for themselves. Absolutely outrageous that they feel that is okay to do!


Again, stay safe all.

S x




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