Day 4 – Isolation

Onto Day 4! I can’t really say that I am getting better but I feel better about being cooped in. The world is crazy outside here and I feel much safer in my haven than out there with the masses.

My throat is less sore, but the persistent cough has ramped up a bit. My chest is hurting and I have stitch I my sides from coughing so much. I feel run down, I hate zits which I haven’t had for a long time and I feel drained. Even walking up the stairs is a mission. Any type of exertion has me out of breath, which in turn hurts my chest and then pulls at the stitch I my sides. The prospect of going to bed isn’t a joyous one, as lying down aggravates my symptoms even more. If I could just sleep lying down in bed, I could at least get a decent nights sleep. But instead I sleep part sitting up, which isn’t very comfortable at all.

Yesterday I spent the day home schooling the boys. We watched some learning videos about animals on YouTube which was followed by a question and answer session. We then had Maths, writing, and reading. And we ended the few hours of learning with a crafts session. I actually found that it helped to make some of the time go quicker. The boy’s actually really enjoyed it too. The boys have been outside today, kicking a ball around and enjoying some of the first hints of spring.

Today has been pretty lazy on my part; tv, board games, computer games….followed by a ubereats delivery of McDonald’s. We are now sat here cuddled up on the sofa watching Godzilla. Just another 10 days to go….and even then I understand that I will have to practice safe social distancing. Because I don’t know what I have got exactly….. a bad cold or Covid-19…..? Either way, I could be really contagious when I do get to go back outside or catch the actual virus if I haven’t had it already…..

And who knows what the next 10 days will bring….what else can the government put in place? Is a likely ‘lockdown’ the way forward?

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