Day 14 – final day of isolation

Originally when I started this self isolation lark, I really did think that the end day would be reason to celebrate but back then (you know, all those 14 days ago) things were different out there. Kids were still in schools, people were still in work and Maccies was still open! Little did I know how different things would be whilst I was locked away.

The cough I had is slowly starting to disappear. I feel drained still and I have a blocked ear but I am starting to feel better in myself. I’m not going to hot tail it out of here tomorrow just because I can. I know that these symptoms are still with me, so until anything else changes then I won’t be venturing outside just yet. I am hoping that a few more days and I will be back to 100%, meaning that I can be the person to do grocery runs, and help others out.

The boys have had a very productive day of learning and play today. Times tables, art, writing and creating. Ethan has been tasked with keeping a diary of how lockdown is for him, we were a bit late with starting it, but he has successfully wrote a few pages today about how he feels about it all and how much he is missing school. Oliver has been reading well and has been working hard on his times tables. After all there hard work they were out in the garden where they let off some steam.

Meal times are always stressful at the minute. Always having to be one step ahead of meal planning just in case I need to defrost something. Today we had cereal for breakfast, followed by sausage baps for lunch and a fruit smoothie, and jacket potatoes and salad for tea. Boys never complained with their meals, and both gave their appreciation in words as to how much they enjoyed what I had done for them. I think they were creeping so they could get a treat afterwards but I will take the sucking up! 😀

The boys are now safely tucked up in bed, Ethan has started building his Lego City set which he had 3 Christmas’s ago….and he has made steady progress on it. This is now in parts around the living room and it is taking all my will power not to tidy it away. He is still working on it and looking forward to continuing tomorrow….it’s just, it’s everywhere!

Every night before bed, I read to the boys. I have been doing it since Ethan was a few weeks old, then Oliver came along and we carried it on. Just one book, every night….Pip and Posy, Gruffalo, Roald Dahl books – Harry Potter – we are now on Grandpa’s Great Escape which I think I have mentioned in previous posts. To be fair to David Walliams, he knows how to create a story that intrigues and pulls a child in. Both of my boys are riveted and can’t wait to listen as I read a couple more chapters to them before they go to sleep. It’s one of my favourite times that I have with them. Lying on my bed, cuddled up, I read the pages and they hang onto every word. Ethan is eager to finish this book quickly so that we can start on the next Harry Potter book. We have been reading the illustrated books by Jim Kay, and have read Phillosophers Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire. After each book is read, we watch the film….and both are eager to see what happens next. (spoilers) Neither of them know (spoilers) that Dobby, Dumbledore or one of the Weasley Twins die. I am loving how excited they are about each book that we get to read. I remember being that excited as each instalment was released (all those years ago) and waiting for J k Rowling launch dates to come around. I remember the late night queuing to get the book before anyone else and lapping up each page greedily. I am so glad that they have got the bug too.

I am now settled happily on the sofa, glass of water in hand, blankets, snacks and watching Stranger Things. All this lockdown is a new ‘routine’ to get used to, but I am enjoying it so far

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