Hashtag This by Brandon Lawson

img_1551Hi All

Quite recently I was approached by Brandon Lawson, an author who asked if I could provide a review in exchange for a copy of his book of poems. I agreed as I always like to receive books from seemingly new writers.

About the Book

Print Length: 32 pages
Publication Date: March 20, 2018
Language: English

Hashtag This features poetry based off of Twitter trends. Each poem in the main selection of poetry in Hashtag This is a hashtag from Twitter that has been turned into a poem.
This is special because each poem is of relevance in reference to a recent topic that was trending across the world, meaning people from all over the world can have a connection with each poem.

This is the first book of any kind officially published by Brandon Lawson.

Along with the 15 hashtag poems, comes bonus poems released by the author Brandon Lawson in the past on his website.


The bonus poems have nothing to do with hashtags. Although the poems in this book are based off of trends, each poem speaks of topics and issues that are universal, that anyone can relate to whether or not they are on social media.

About the Author – In his own words


My name is Brandon Lawson.

On my website I post my fictional short stories ranging through numerous genres such as science fiction, thrillers, dramas, etc. I also post movie essays where I go into deep analysis on movies and talk about aspects such as themes, symbols, and its relation to our world. I post my poetry on here as well.

I have written short stories since senior year of high school, specifically January of 2015. I have been writing poetry for around that time. I started writing movie essays around the Spring of 2016.

Aside from my content on my website, I also write screenplays. One of my screenplays Lost Among The Tides is a coming of age drama about a boy who has to spend time with a foster child in order to avoid going to jail.

That screenplay has won the 2017 CA International Film Festival Davis Chinese Film Festival last October in 2017. Along with that award, it has also won the Headline International Film Festival for best spec script, 2nd place in October in the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, and 2nd place in December in the Hollywood Independent Moving Pictures Film Festival.
I have also been featured in the Daily Cal which is the student newspaper for UC Berkeley.

My Review

One of the things I love about blogging, especially since I started book blogging more is finding the rare gems which have been created around the world. Whether it be stories or poetry, I love finding those hidden pieces which not many people have had the pleasure in reading and showing them to my followers. I welcome all requests for books/content in exchange for reviews but as always I go into them as blindly as I can so I can make my own mind up about what I come across, rather than my mind being tainted by preconception.

When Brandon approached me I wasn’t sure what to expect. The idea that poetry could be created from hashtags that have been found on Twitter trends was something that I couldn’t quite get my head around. But let me tell you, this guy does it and he does it very well!

The words in these poems resonate and are so beautifully put together, its difficult to stop reading them as you go from page to page. It is a rather small compendium, with only 32 pages in total, but the complaint I have with this is just that the writing stopped.

After reading the poems, I looked on Amazon and Goodreads for reviews from other readers and some comments were made about how these words could easily be used in Rap Music. The words flow very nicely together and the rhythmic wording makes the reading of them easy to understand. There are some amazing pieces in this book, with some being very relatable.

One of my favourites is one called #ifihadasuperpower

Please go give this guy a follow, look at his work and support what he does. Even if you don’t buy his book, visit his website and check out some of his work. He really does have a gift and some of his work is very enjoyable to read.

Here is a link if you want to purchase his book to see his work for yourself.

I would highly recommend.


4 out of 5!

Thanks for reading my review guys

S x

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