Book Review: To Rise Again by Stewart Bint

Hi All,

It is with great pleasure that I bring you my review of a book that I was sent by an author who is not only a great writer, but also amazingly supportive via social media, etc.

When Stewart offered to send me a couple of his books to read, I jumped at the chance. What can I say? I love reading and welcome all books that are sent my way and I am so happy that I discovered this one. 

To Rise Again – Stewart Bint


About the Book

Just before the German occupation during World War II, the Marquand family flees their home in the English Channel, and never returns.

Now, it’s the summer of 1983, and the once-opulent Idlewild mansion is crumbling and derelict. The mansion holds a mysterious lure for 18-year-old David Simeon, who dreams of Idlewild years past, as it used to be.

But who is the young girl he sees, endlessly wandering through its corridors?

As the nerve-shattering link between David, the girl, and the mysterious Idlewild comes to light, is it too late to stop the seeds of destruction and world domination planted there long ago, during Adolf Hitler’s last desperate throw of the dice in World War ll?

Fantasy, science fiction, horror and paranormal mingle in Stewart Bint’s To Rise Again, as the threads of 1945 and 1983 slowly intertwine to reveal a world on the brink of destruction.

About the Author


Stewart Bint is an international novelist, magazine columnist, and PR writer, who usually goes barefoot.

His current publishers are Creativia (To Rise Again), and Dragon Moon Press (The Jigsaw And The Fan, Timeshaft, and In Shadows Waiting).

Stewart Bint is married to Sue, and has two grown-up children, Christopher and Charlotte. He lives in Leicestershire in the UK. When writing, his office companion is his charismatic budgie, or his neighbour’s cat – but not at the same time.

He is a member of the influential international authors group, The Awethors.

A former broadcaster, he has worked as a radio newsreader, current affairs presenter and phone-in show host.

His inspiration to become a writer came at the tender age of seven, through the television series, Doctor Who. He says: “I remember watching the very first episode way back in 1963, and became enraptured by the storylines which could take place at any time in Earth’s history and future, and absolutely anywhere in the universe and beyond. I started creating my own worlds and my own characters, writing my stories in little blue notebooks until my parents bought me my first typewriter for my ninth birthday. And those make-believe worlds became invaluable when my Dad died when I was 11. I retreated more and more into those places where I was in control of my characters’ fate – knowing that whatever happened to them during the story, I could make sure they were okay in the end. My worlds were certainly better than the real one at that time.”

When not writing he is an active awareness-raising campaigner for mental health and sepsis, having gained a place on the 2016 list of “Inspirational Mental Health Advocates that are changing the world.”

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My Review

As I started to read the pages at the beginning of this book, I was instantly drawn in to the writing style. It was easy to sink into the story and I found myself getting more and more absorbed. Within just a few pages we were drawn into the story and I liked how the character interaction and drama had me engrossed from page 1. One of the biggest interests for me was the ‘World War II’ elements that were incorporated within the whole story. I have always been fascinated reading about the history of the War and this book not only fed my imagination, but it played on my emotions. I was torn; part of me wanting to read each page quickly and without break so that I could find out how it ended and another part not wanting to read anything that would affect me.

And let me tell you…this book affected me. There were some hard parts to read, which were quite emotional to get to through, but the way in which it is written and handled made this story both harrowing and exciting. There were times when my heart was pounding almost out of my chest! It was engaging and a fascinating, interesting read.

The descriptions of Idlewild Mansion really brought it to life on the pages and I pictured each room clearly in my mind. Not only is the mansion beautiful, but it is also kind of…no, not kind of…IT IS creepy. But I loved the secrets that the old building had hidden. The main character, David was a lovely character and the interactions in the book helped build a clear image of him.

I absolutely enjoyed reading this story. It is such an excellent piece of writing; a story that pulls you in from the very beginning.

Stewart really did do a fantastic job bringing this story to life.


I am really happy that I got to experience this book; I loved the WWII elements and whooped at the conclusion. Times I was shocked at parts of the book; almost crying as read some harrowing moments, but I enjoyed reading every page.

One things for sure is that I will be adding Stewart Bint’s other works to my TBR list.

Rating – 5 out of 5

Thanks for reading my review

S x

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