Book Review: London Hat Hunting Mission by Winnie Mak Tselikas #Blogtour

Blogtour – Monday 14th May


Big Thanks must go to both Rachel’s Random Resources and Winnie Mak Tselikas for inviting me to this fantastic blogtour. This book was enjoyed by both myself and my two young boys. It was both entertaining and interesting; helping my children to learn a little about London and the differing diversities.

Rachel’s Random Resources –

Winnie Mak Tselikas (One Dear World) – 

When Rachel approached me with this book, I was more than interested in taking part. Every night before bed I read a book to my sons and we love to snuggle and read about a whole new story. We have got mountains of children’s books at home which we read on repeat. From ‘Thankyou Mr Panda’, by Steve Antony to ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, by Michael Rosen and the read ‘very-often’ ‘The Dinosaur that pooped the planet’, by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter so we are always on the look out for new books to read and I jumped at the chance to read this one to them.

It is my absolute pleasure to bring you my review of this fantastic book!


Colourful, educational and visually enchanting, this book appealed to my two young boys, but also to me as a parent and a reader. But before I tell you more about this book, lets have a little look at the wonderful author, who created this story.

The Author

London Hat Hunting Mission

Winnie Mak Tselikas is a believer in diversity.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, she studied engineering, worked in commercial sales and in 2011 switched to education upon moving to London.

There, she met her half-French, half-Greek husband and they had a son, who now has family in China, France, Greece, HK, the UK and the US.


Winnie considers her son to be a world citizen rather than of a particular nationality or culture.

Inspired by her family and London’s diversity, she founded One Dear World and created the lovely adventures of Mr. Globe and the little Londoner dolls.

Social Media Links

About the Book

Four little Londoners, Hope, Jun, Lea and Parth, come from a different cultural background, are good friends living in London. They are travelling to the iconic places around the city in search of magic hats to cure Mr Globe’s headache.


The book is illustrated with a mix of real life photographs of iconic places in London and digital illustration so children can have a vivid visual experience of London and at the same time open up their world of imagination.

My Review

On receiving this book, my boys were very excited to get stuck in. They took the book and read it amongst themselves (My 7 year old reading to my 3 year old) long before I had a chance to look through the pages. I heard my eldest son explaining the areas of London that were pictured on the pages and heard my youngest repeating the many different words for hats that were spoken by his brother. They pawed over the pages and enjoyed the rich imagery.


This book is an absolute joy for both children and adults alike. The story is a fantastic diversity enriched trip and follows the ‘mission’ of dolls from all backgrounds as they set off to find hats to help heal the world. The story is entertaining and educational. It brought some understanding to my boys about the differing diversities and cultures that enrich the world; they enjoyed seeing as the story unfolded and loved looking at the photographs from around London; a city which is also rich with diversity! Some of our cities top landmarks/attractions are included from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace. And each photograph is colourful and of great quality.

This was a very fun and enjoyable book! Not only did my boys enjoy reading this; I did too. What amazes me even more is how much work the author has done to create these characters, from creating a story to devoting twitter posts and her web page to them. And the scariest thing is that the dolls are available to buy via her website (scary because I kind of really want to buy them ALL) –

My boys have read this several times since we received it and I think it may be ‘re-read’ more than once. This book was cute, engaging and very educational.


I love a good children’s book; love seeing my boys get immersed in a book and I was very impressed with this book and story. I would recommend this to all of my friends, family and followers. There really isn’t anything bad to say about this book; my boys loved it and that in itself is far beyond any rating I could leave.

If you long to introduce a new read for your children; something that is enchanting and a story that speaks of acceptance of others and yourself, despite differences, then look no further than this book. I look forward to sharing this review around my social feeds and hope that more people discover this book and its charming characters.

Rating – 5 out of 5 Stars

Thanks all for reading. 

If you liked my review and would like to see what others are saying about this book then check out the other bloggers who are included in this #blogtour


S x


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