Isolation Day 2

So a few days ago, I woke with a itchy throat…..I thought nothing of it really and carried on as normal. The itch turned into a bit of a persistent cough. Nothing too bad, just irritating but with current government guidelines I was obviously aware that I had to adhere to the current advice. So I collected my boys from school on Tuesday and we have been holed up ever since.

I was one of those that didn’t prepare for the inevitable – I was avoiding shops where I could and naively thought that I could just get shopping online if it came to it! Doh!

So yesterday I made a small list of items we needed to make meals – basic things really – bread/sandwich fillers/fruit/milk/cereal – and I asked my wonderful mother in law if she could pick some things up for me.

I stupidly thought I could do a big shop online, but I soon realised how ridiculous that thought was when I tried to book a slot! None were available – stores have limited slots anyway but the ones they do have are booked up…and are up until almost the middle of April.

It has been two days since we started our isolation. We have until day 14 to get to. Currently I feel rough. I have headaches and a sore throat, a raging cough, stuffy sinus’s and a bit of a temp.

Im Unsure whether it’s the Big C or whether it is just a cold…but I do feel unwell. My husband and boys have tried to keep a safe distance away from me but they are both living under the same roof, and inevitably they may catch what I have.

2 days in and I am bored! I would usually love a chill day where I could just be with my family but when the option to leave the house is taken away, then ones surroundings can feel rather small. We have had the boys do school work everyday, as we are conscious of how much school they could potentially miss. And we have played board games, read together, watched movies.

I do wonder how we will fill the days between now and Day 14! Who knows what is in store for the country or for my family. I am aware that our supplies are running low and it feels so strange knowing that I can’t freely go out and buy more things…. this is Day 2 and I am ready to break the rules and run out to the shop! I won’t… of course! My boredom is nothing compared to what some may be feeling and I know how dangerous it could be to others if I did venture out… but still, I am rather relishing the thought of finally being let free! 😀

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  1. Am so sorry to hear this. I’m currently in self isolation too with a cough and a tight chest. Luckily it’s jut me but yes the boredom is getting to me. It’s hard to concentrate on reading with so much going on.
    It’s amazing how much we take our freedom for granted.
    Dig deep and hang on xxxx

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